Billow & Bellow

Peaks of Valleys
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Ableton Live Suite 11 Required

Billow & Bellow are instrument racks based on 4 looping samples. The racks use Ableton's Sampler and make use of it's FM oscillator to produce very natural sounds but with the option of a very digital layer over top. Billow is very undulating, good for modulated pads and soundscapes. Bellow can be punchier with more attack and less wavering to the sound.

A Live Pack .alp file is included in this "Album" that includes Billow and Bellow, the demo song session, as well as CPU lite and max voice versions of the instrument racks.

You can learn more about these instrument racks with this video:

song Additive Path was originally released on my album "Rhythm is a Myth". It was made largely with an early version of Billow and inspired the development of these instruments. I thought I'd include the song for anyone who purchases Billow & Bellow.

You can also listen to a demo and purchase it from bandcamp here:

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