Peaks of Valleys
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Ableton Live Suite Required (or Collision)

Rime is an Instrument Rack based around the instrument Collision and multiple effects. The sound can range from metal percussion such as a vibe, glockenspiel, or steel drum to fluted glass to washed out crystalline pads and more. The macros are set up to be fun to use and will take you to a wide territory of soundscapes quickly.

A Live Pack .alp file with the instrument rack, demo song session, and presets will be included in the download of this "album". Listen to included presets and the demo song on this page. Videos for Rime and Rime mk2 can be found on my youtube page:


You can also listen to demos and purchase it here: https://peaksofvalleys.bandcamp.com/album/rime-instrument-rack-for-ableton-live-suite

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